ResearchStory Help

Alchemer Integration

You'll need to create an API key in Alchemer and save it in ResearchStory to allow us to view and import your surveys. After you follow the steps below you will be able to select Alchemer Survey from the Import menu on the home page. You will be shown a list of surveys you have access to in Alchemer and you can choose ones to import into ResearchStory. Only those you explicitly select will have data copied over to our platform.

Steps to integrate with Alchemer:

  1. In Alchemer select API Access under the Security menu. You can get directly there from this link
  2. Press Create an API Key button and then select your User Name. Click Save.
  3. You'll need to copy both the API Key and API Secret Key.
  4. In ResearchStory go to User Settings under the user menu. Then click Alchemer Integration.
  5. Paste in the API Key and the API Secret Key you copied from Alchemer and press Save.