ResearchStory Help

Qualtrics Integration

Exporting your survey from Qualtrics:

  1. Login to your Qualtrics account and select the survey you want to export.
  2. Select the Tools menu then select Import/Export and finally select Export Survey.
  3. This will start the download of a .qsf file that you will need to save on your local hard drive.


  1. Then select the Data & Analysis tab.
  2. Select the Export & Import dropdown and then select Export Data...


  1. Select CSV and change the export option to Use numeric values.

CSV Options

Importing the Qualtrics Survey:

  1. Login to your ResearchStory account.
  2. Select the Import menu then select Qualtrics Survey.
  3. Select the .qsf file you previously downloaded for the survey you want to import.
  4. After the survey import completes go to the Responses tab.
  5. Press the Select File for Import... button and then select the CSV file you previously exported.
  6. The CSV will be processed and once completed reports can be generated.